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INUSA is a company that designs, manufactures and assembles metal structures and boilermaking. It was built back in 1971, on its own land in Juiz de Fora City, Minas Gerais State, where it remains to this day.


Nowadays, its production capacity under normal conditions reaches approximately 600 tons/month, but it can be increased through special shifts, depending on demand requirements. Based on the consistent technical expertise acquired throughout its existence, INUSA carried out construction works in several Brazilian states. It stands out for both the quality of its services and its strict adherence to contractual deadlines, which is a quality standard acknowledged through ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Manufacturing and supplying products and services in metal structures both in Brazil and abroad, in a profitable manner, based on using modern equipment, qualified and valued personnel, to provide speed, flexibility and quality assurance.


Becoming national reference in team competence, product quality and customer service in the metal structures market.


  • Transparency, truth and ethics guide the values advocated for in our organizational culture.

  • Respect for customers and integrity in actions.

  • Punctuality in services’ delivery.

  • Social accountability.



in order to achieve excellence in its product’s manufacturing, in 2005, inusa got certified to the iso 9001:2008 standard – which is an international quality standard. This standard requires standardized production processes and permanent supervision over perfomed services. Furthermore, raw materials used by it are always under strict control, which is carried out through inspections at both the receipt and purchase of materials with quality certificates from qualified suppliers.


The quality management system also encompasses::

  • Personal training and qualification;

  • Investment in machines and equipment’s modernization;

  • Qualification of welding processes whoses procedures include non-destructive testing processes that are appropriate  to the project and routinely performed in compliance with normative parameters;

  • Technical collection;

  • Qualified professionals with proven expertise, in addition to constant partnerships set with qualified 
    engineering companies.



Promoting continous improvement in metal structures’ manufacturing and assembly processes to achieve customer satisfaction and product quality, as well as to value human beings.
Policy version: september 13, 2013


INUSA offers a wide range of metal structure services to its customers through major works carried out in different regions in the country. there is a strong relationship of operation in the market behind inusa-quality metal structures..

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