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INUSA makes its contribution. we are all accountable for taking care of the environment and of our planet’s future. 

INUSA follows a series of environmental preservation procedures by keeping in mind its role as model company in metal structure’s production. among them, one finds the total recycling of steel residues, raw material, as well as of all inputs used in our company, from glass to lamps.

INUSA'S environmental certification proves that our company operates in compliance with the environmental legislation and that it has the best conditions to reach sustainable development.

Our consciousness towards preservation is reflected on our daily-life actions.
In addition to metal structures, another structure is also priority for INUSA: the one that gives the workers the necessary conditions to give their best. everything in our company is designed to enable our employees to have maximum motivation and support at the time to perform their job.

Healty: labor gymnastics, balanced diet, psychological follow up and healty insurance.

Social Accountability: a social worker visits employee’s homes in social projects aimed at families to enable bridging their needs to solutions. The hr department also organizes monthly events, such as inusa’s cinema, as well as early events, such as the christmas party and the internal workplace prevention week (sipat).

INUSA– Environmental Friendly Company

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