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All inusa projects are developed in tekla structures software, which offers a comprehensive range of benefits that significantly improve the efficency and quality of our metal structures and boilermaking projects. This software’s advanced 3d modeling resources enable detailed and accurate visualization to help fully understanding the project.

The ability to perform integrated structural analyses in tekla structures contributes to the early detection of conflicts and errors, as well as to reduce reworks and associated costs. moreover, automating repetitive tasks speed up the design process and allows us to meet the most ambitious delivery deadlines.

Tekla structure’s interoperability enables collaboration between teams, since it offers perfect integration with other software types used in the production chain. This factor promotes effective communication and helps minimizing failures in information transmission among different project stages.

By adopting tekla structures, we are able to increase manufacturing accuracy and, consequently, to produce metal structures that meet project specifications. it not only improves the final quality, but also strengthens our customer’s trust in our delivery capabilities.

In short, tekla structures is not just a modeling tool, but a comprehensive solution that drives excellence in all aspects of our projects’ lifecycle, from their conception to their execution.


1ª Stage

(Engineering – Structural Calculation and Sizing)

Structural calculation is a fundamental stage in the process to build metal structures, since it guarantees project’s safety, stability and efficiency.


It involves the detailed analysis of the loads the structure is expected to support, as well as determines both the dimensions and materials necessary for the structure to bear these loads.

2ª Stage

(Projects – 3D Modelling, Shop Drawings and Assembly Diagrams)

The executive project plays crucial role in the life cyle of a given project after the structural calculation process is over.


This stage involves the detailed creation of the project in the specialized tekla structures software, which focuses on the metal structures.

3ª Stage

(Production Planning and Control)

PPC is a fundamental stage for project’s success. we define all material’s manufacturing and using stages through specialized software

4ª Stage


At this stage, we shape the structures by strictly following the previously planned executive projetc, as well as carry out all necessary inspections.

5ª Stage


All materias are rigorously packaged, marked in low relief (with the number of each piece) and labeled for transportation purposes, and sent in logical sequence to field assembly.

6ª Stage

(Field Assembly)

Optional Stage

(Pre-assembly in factory)

In some projects, due to the complexity of Metallic Structures, it is necessary the pre-assembly of sets, after their manufacture. This step aims to ensure the perfect fit of all components.

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